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$529. 00. X14sz full engine opel corsa b NO DAMAGE, ALL INTACT. Delaney took, the completed chassis—the parallel main tubes large enough for a Rolls-Royce aircraft engine – to his shop where a custom aluminium body of his own design was Ford Sidevalve Engine Services, Rochdale. #3 Mayrand Road. 1939 Ford Prefect E93a Tourer Speedo · Ford Prefect Interior. Whatever you expect from your Ford Prefect, a bold look, mind-boggling performance, greater ride comfort, or safer driving, CARiD goes the extra mile to meet all your needs. I bought it on eBay for about £300 as a rebuilt engine. braids@btconnect. These old cars are reliable and run for ever, the 4 cylinder side-valve motor was a stalwart of the Ford motor Company back in those days and this one continues to run and drive perfectly. We have been collecting new, genuine obsolete Classic Ford parts from Ford Main Dealers for over 50 years. For the character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, see wikipedia:Ford Prefect (character). HD wallpaper for backgrounds Ford Prefect, car tuning Ford Prefect and concept car Ford Prefect wallpapers. "The start of Stage Two - the engine. We have been trading for 50 years. Condition: Used. Then came the 100E which was overhead valve, from  Not any fault of the advisorin my case, sidevalve Ford engines went out the year My briother and I ran sidecalve E93A Fords when students. Fancy your knowledge when it comes to Ford engines? Do you know your Zephyrs from your Cobra Jets, your Flatheads from your Windsors? Well then you should really ace this difficult quiz all about Ford engines. 9 cu in) or "8 HP", and 1,172 cc (71. In this set up, when the engine reaches the thermal switch cut in temp, both the fans and the EWP ® will turn on and cool the engine, to the switch off temperature. Power 22 kW; Horsepower 30 hp; Horsepower 30 bhp; Rev. Ford. Camera . Both engines  Records 1 - 30 of 31 Direct 12 volt replacement for original unit fits Ford 10hp side valve engine (E93A /103E etc). Gaskets The Ford Prefect is a line of British cars which was produced by Ford UK between 1938 and 1961 as an upmarket version of the Ford Popular and Ford Anglia small family cars. Leicester   We are suppliers of genuine obsolete Ford Parts. uk is hosted in on a server with an IP address of 23. All were cast at Ford's Clevela Nov 25, 2015 - 1953 Ford Anglia E93A 993cc 4-cylinder Side-valve Engine. - Block and head resurfaced. Engine. Original number plates & log book. 4-liter, three-valve V-8 engine include problems with the engine's cam phasers that can lead to camshaft failure in high- Some known issues with the Ford 5. AUTO By: Robin Tyler 7 Min Qui Some known issues with the Ford 5. 6. Official image. 6-liter engine in 2011. Although often overlooked, the 1962-1964 Ford engines were a powerful bunch. its. We supply to the public and the trade. 5 x 92. and 292 c. Although they look similar, they  21 Feb 2006 E493A Ford Prefect owed much to its pre-WW2 E93A predecessor. The Ford Prefect is a line of British cars produced by the Ford of Britain division of the Ford Motor Company, and a more upmarket version of its direct siblings the Ford Popular and Ford Anglia. 7L Power Stroke 2011 – Present . The 7W used the same 1172cc 10hp engine as the Model CX, and was available in 2-door and 4-door versions, the 2-door resembling the 7Y 8hp. 23 ins (56. One, it's Ford's own identifier for the 1172cc 10HP (RAC) four-cylinder sidevalve engine that powered (!) thousands upon thousands of the firm's upright Ford 10s, either side of WW2, and well into the 1950s. This is a brand new e93a This is BRAND NEW, comes complete with its tags. The front end was similar to the Prefect. Excellent value at 4. FE engines look the same when viewed from the topside, so inspecting the bottom and sides is essential for a positive identification, according to ERA Replicas: Engines. All Ford (U. Ford Prefect E93A. The sump had been modified to clear the E93A chassis. It was a larger car (108½” wheelbase) that looked like a shrunken 1935 Ford. Get the best deals on Engines & Components for Ford Prefect when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Flywheel 15; Front Axle and Radius Rod 63; Fuel System 68. upmarket. K. Reputedly a chief engineer with the Ford Motor Company, he had the  Donington today, there was a Ford Pop 107E (with the OHV engine) in the I think both E93a and 100E 1172cc engines were produced in  The first was the E93A, a small side valve engine which came from the early Ford Prefect. S. We cover a vast range of vehicles from the early Ford Model Y saloons, right through to the 107E Ford Prefect (with the OHV engine from the 105E Anglia) including all vans, commercials and specials based upon the ubiquitous four cylinder side-valve engine. Also 105E and some fords on parts catering for the custom and restoration fraternity. 2: Apr 16, 2007 · Advice on E93A Engine timing Having had the engine rebuilt several months ago I finally managed to get the thing started! I originally set the timing up with the pin 'slotted' into its slot on the front of the engine , adjusted the points using a bulb across the points but I noticed that the rotor arm pointed between No1 and No2 cylinders on Ford Classic Cars e93a engine For Sale Category Classic Cars Motorcycles Camper Vans 4x4s American Cars Modern Cars 3 Wheelers Books / DVD's Commercial Electric Cars FIA Race Cars Memorabilia etc Military Number Plates Other Parts Projects Toy Cars etc Wedding Cars Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion Ford Prefect e93a/ type Interior light child blocks on fdc with the full margins present and, where applicable, folded around the envelope due to the sizes. The following specifications are relevant for the 1955 Model Ford Anglia 100E and Ford Prefect . This is a check over of an engine that runs well and has good (70 psi Ford did produce what was called the 107E, which sported the 997cc 105E Anglia engine. Engine re-conditioned. Frank would have been aware of the 'RWG', a pretty aluminium bodied competition car having been built to a most impressive standard by an extremely talented panel beater Roy Watling-Greenwood. These issues included advanced exhaust Whether you already own a Ford vehicle or you want to be a Ford owner, you can find a Ford dealer near you to purchase a car or get service for the one you own. Ford E93A Engine and Gearbox complete assy. It was introduced in October 1938 and remained in production until 1941. See more ideas about ford, ford anglia, british cars. 8 HP models: 13 head studs, hole for starter motor approx 51mm diameter. version. - Full strip down of existing engine block. The engine had its origins in the 1930s Ford Model Y, and were made in two sizes, 933 cc (56. Its model number was E93A. 388 likes · 41 talking about this. When the engine is hot and idling, the mechanical pump will be moving coolant at about 15 litres per minute, while the EWP ® will kick in with up to an extra 150 litres per minute Manufactured in the United Kingdom back in 1938, the Ford Prefect developed the "sit-up-and-beg" design to a more contemporary three-box structure. 99 CL Ford Anglia Prefect 10hp Thames 10cwt E93A Full Piston Set +010 Genuine Ford We also sell gaskets, engine bearings and much more for these engines. 5mm, 22hp at 3500rpm) or 1172cc (63. Ford Prefect E93A 1938–1949 Overview Production 1938–49 199,493 produced Assembly United Kingdom Australia Body and chassis Body style 2-door Ford 7W, Prefect E93A, E493A In 1937 the Model CX was superceded by the Ford 7W 10hp designed in England. 2 litre engine is a  Ford 100E Published: 31st May 2016 - 0 Comments - Be the first, contribute now! but paved the way for other Ford engines to be put to good use by enthusiasts; Mk1 and Bellamy, the latter who promised 100mph – from the old E93A Pop Ford Prefect E93A, classic cars, historic autos, British Cars, motors, The 7W used the same 1172cc 10hp engine as the Model CX, and was available in 2- door  Ford E93a or Ford Sidevalve engine (sometimes known as the "English Sidevalve") Strong, powerful, offset gear-reduced starter motor, delivering huge cranking  There are two types of 1172cc Side Valve engine, the one fitted in the early Prefect (As pictured) and the Sit Up & Beg. 5 cu in) side-valve engine with thermosiphon cooling system (no pump) and with many other cars of the period, the ability to be started by a crank handle should the battery not have sufficient energy to turn the 6-volt starter motor. Ford Model 19, Y 1932 to 1937Ford Model 20, C & CX 1934 to 1937Ford Eight, Model 7Y 1937 to 1939Ford Ten, Model 7W 1 E93A (1938–49) The Ford Prefect was introduced in October 1938 and built by the Ford plant in Dagenham, Essex. [Back to Period tuning conversions main page] In the 1950s it was popular to fit a tuned Ford sidevalve (E93A) engine into all manner of small chassis, kit-car, competition car, and special. Garage stored 45 yrs; 55,000 miles. 00 Postage: May not post to United 1937-1952, Ford, ‘C Type’, ‘E93A’, 10HP 1172cc (Ford Motor Co, Dagenham, Essex) The 10hp engine was first offered by Morgan in the ‘F4’ in 1937, the ‘F2’ in 1938 and the ‘F Super’ in 1939. Hagerty. The engine was a Ford E93A side valve unit that had the less common 1324 firing order. Distributor Point Set $18. 7W with a rounded vee grille, rearwards opening alligator bonnet and auxiliary vacuum tank for the suction wipers. It was produced from 1941 until 1961 and became a famous basis for hot rods, which were normally American cars that have large engines to have linear speed. Griffiths had been building simple tubular chassis for Ford V8 specials and Delaney asked him for one scaled to a Ford 10 engine, a little 1172cc E93A four cylinder. Motor. It was designed specifically for the British market. The Ford E93A engines were mildly tuned and many used twin SUs on a cast alloy 'Dellow' manifold. From the time that he built his first car in 1896, up until 1930, there were a total of 1800 companies in… ford e93a prefect Tourer, Tudor saloon, Fordor saloon, drophead coupé. 236. Price: £216. 09 postage. complete engine and dash loom harness. Nice and simple, tough and efficient, the '28-'31 Model A Ford stands the test of time. 6mm), fibre gear driven camshaft, two water inlet holes in block. Pre-Order Item. On getting it home I found that it turned over very well for about 300 degrees! Bench test of Ford sidevalve E93A 1936 engine. Since then, these dependable vehicles have risen to the top of lists o If you're wanting to hit the open road in an American built automobile, but don't want to spend of ton of money for the experience, consider purchasing a used Ford Mustang. We Also Dabble in Flathead V8's. It actually looks worse than it was. Engine Conversion Set (pan, timing cover, etc) $40 Ford Prefect wallpapers - Free pictures of Ford Prefect for your desktop. This motor is found in a wide range of Chrysler- and Dodge-branded vehicles. FSOC member Northern Ireland Ford Sidevalve Engine Services added 6 new photos to the album: Charles Ashworth’s E93a Rebuild. Part Number: TRD-0061 Ford Prefect Prefect Ford 10 Prefect Ford Prefect (car) Ford Prefect 100E Prefect E93A/E03A (1939-45) The Ford Prefect is a line of British cars which was produced by Ford UK between 1938 and 1961 as a more upmarket version of the Ford Popular and Ford Anglia models. I wonder if any of you can help him. 147 . Historic classic vehicle. •. Cylinder Block Boring and Honing . We supply parts for all European  Ford Prefect 1939 interior Door · Engine. Ford Prefect (1953–19. Ford Sidevalve Engine repairs and restoration. com. Aquaplane tuning parts are a must for all owners of Ford Ten specials. Engine repair, refurbishment and restoration. 4-liter, three-valve V-8 engine include problems w We probably would have laughed if we were told ten years ago that a car like the all-new Ford GT would come Wait? So a 600-hp crate engine? We probably would have laughed if we were told ten years ago that a car like the all-new Ford GT The FE series of Ford engines has not been produced since early 1970. a. Our shop is currently closed to customers in line with the latest government guidance. The Ford torque-tube was suitably shortened and the vast majority of cars used the 3-speed Ford gearbox but a very small number of cars were produced to customer order with a 4-speed Morris gearbox. This starter is 12V. 10mm steel plate for DIY (self build) inlet/exhaust manufacture, offered for 100E engine or E93A engine which will also fit on to the 8HP units. at Max Power 4000; Torque 63; Torque 46  PowerLite Ford E93A Engine Starter Motor The PowerLite High Torque Starter Motors are around twice as powerful, they run faster and start the engine  27 Jun 2008 Could some please explain to me the differences between the E93A engine and the 100E? I am rebuilding a special which currently has an  4 Aug 2017 Early Ford E93A side valve engine in need of restoration/rebuilding & turns freely . Taken at Taken . Looking for more cars? Explore Ford Prefect for sale as well! Mar 27, 2016 · Ford 100E Willment overhead inlet valve conversion - posted in The Nostalgia Forum: Roger Levis has written to me as below. 5mm x 92. blocks were identical and used for both engines. The E93A-type sidevalve engine is stripped and overhauled. 5 cu in) or "10 HP". d. PS4RY2109-010, Genuine Ford, + 0. Apr 17, 2018 · After building two bad engines in a row, Ford and Navistar decided to part ways. 12 Dec 2014 Right, I have recently bought a 60's ford based kit car, an 1961 I think the original engine is a E93A and it has 100E engine and box so I might  We also sell gaskets, engine bearings and much more for these engines. 010  There are two types of flat head (sidevalve) engine: what is loosely termed the E93A type and the 100E type. 9M views 1 year ago  Engine & Performance. Refurbished 1939 Ford Prefect Tourer Engine · Speedo. V-8 belongs to the Y-Block engine family. 5 cui) displacement, delivering 22. The other in the 100e shape. Your #1 Site for all repairs and restoration of the Model A, B or, T four cylinder Ford engines. Yesterday at 2:54 AM · Replacement block chosen, blasted, machined, cleaned and ready for paint. We are a traditional classic car owners club for owners of small Ford sidevalves built between 1932 and 1962. Upon its release, there were a few common problems that were noticed. Use these tips to find one in your local area. Related: ford e93a ford 10hp classic cars ford sidevalve engine ford popular ford prefect ford e493a ford pop ford side valve engine aquaplane ford 100e vintage ford Include description Category Vintage Austin 7 chassis fitted with the sidevalve Ford 8/10hp E93A engine. direct. I wonder if I might ask a wee favour of you at the meeting? Back home in NZ Im restoring a sports racing car that was built by my late uncle Roly Levis in 1955 and raced successfully by him. According to Ford-Y-Block, the 312 c. 19. Ford 1 engine. Ford of Britain actually built a car with the V8-60 after the war – the Ford Pilot (1947-1951). Performance & Tuning parts for Ford side valve vehicles. The 6. Our extensive range of premium accessories and parts covers all the bases, whether you want your vehicle to be more powerful, smarter, fun to drive, or just need to restore COVID-19 UPDATE: We are open for click and collect, returns and Restoration drop-offs only. 4 kW (30. Mar 16, 2018 · During his era, Henry Ford was by no means the only one who had a vision for building cars. Dodge released the Pentastar 3. Contents 1 E93A 1938–49 Complete restoration of your E93A or E04A 8hp or 10hp Ford Sidevalve Engine. 7L Power Stroke in 2011. Wiper Assembly Cross-Bar and Stems (used) $80. From United Kingdom. Add to Wish List. 4L was the last diesel engine to be built by the alliance. uk. Ford/Austin Engine conversion. Saved from google. It has a Ford 100E engine extensively Engine Master Australia is your one stop shop. 4kW; Starter Weight 4kg; 10 teeth/38mm diameter  29 Jan 2009 Ford Model A 4-cylinder engine rebuild time-lapse | Redline Rebuilds - S3E4. Name Power 0-100 km/h Drivetrain Cons. The original Ford Prefect was a slight reworking of the previous year’s 7Y, the first Ford car designed outside of Detroit, Michigan. . Not only did this perform much better but paved the way for other Ford engines to be put to good use by enthusiasts; Mk1 Cortina 1500 GT engines were popular fits and went extremely well, today you’ll often find Ford Mondeo Zetec or the older Pinto engines 1942 42 1946 46 1947 47 1948 48 Ford Car Led Tail Light Super Deluxe Anglia 1959 Morgan 4+4 100e Ford Engine Gaskets Ford Anglia; Ford Anglia Prefect E93a With decades of auto-making history under its proverbial belt, Ford Motor Company branched out with its offerings to create the F-series pickup trucks in the late 1940s. 62. Bench test of Ford sidevalve E93A 1936 engine. details C-9430-P - manifold plate - 8 or 10HP manifold plate easy engine identification points, but beware as some parts become interchanged over the years. com Tel: 07714233204/ 07711200378. Years of Manufacture: 1940 - 1967 Number Built: 1,799,482 (all models) Price at Introduction: n/a Aug 14, 2015 - Ford 1172cc side valve engine and three speed gearboxAwesome? . Distributor Condenser $15. The Ford E93A is an in-line 4-cylinder SV engine of 933cc (56. Learn about the 390 Thunderbird Special and other Ford engines. siblings The E93A was also produced in Australia, in 1939 only, with the Australian-built  Hi torque Starter motor to suit Ford E93A side valve engine. and. O. Ford Prefect E93A E493A car parts spares Ford Motor Company of Dagenham designed the 10hp 7W car for launch in March 1937, of a style and design which to which the new motor user was to become very attached, and where Ford parted from vehicle model designation of identifying letters and numbers to name it the 'Prefect'. 6mm x 92. Advertisement Full-sized Fords of the 1962-1964 era might well be labeled the "forgotten Fords. 5. Engine Specification. The all-Ford engine was a fresh design, with a DualBoost variable geometry turbo. We hope that your search will be successful and you manage to find the Ford part that you are looking for. here we have in this sale 1x dynamo pulley from 8 hp sidevalve engine good condition for age but sold as seenthanks might be use to someone. Thanks  easy engine identification points, but beware as some parts become interchanged for use in 105E/123E engine, also on E93A and 100E Aquaplane head. 1B was built with the ELVA-FORD engine and raced design for the Ford E93A IOE head conversion which repositioned the inlet valves,  1948 Ford Prefect: The Ford Prefect is a rear wheel drive motor car, with the engine placed in the front, and a saloon (sedan) body. 5 mm) side-valve Four, with three-speed gearbox. purchase one of our crate engines, one of our specialist selections. Contact for further information or delivery options. The 10hp E83W engine, common to all upright 1950s sidevalve Fords, is given a good overhaul. 05 WILL BE SHIPPED VIA DHL NEXT DAY SERVICE £15 TO BE ADDED TO FINAL PAYMENT OTHER items AVAILABLE The engine had its origins in the 1930s Ford Model Y, and were made in two sizes, 933 cc (56. Ford Classic Cars e93a For Sale Category Classic Cars Motorcycles Camper Vans 4x4s American Cars Modern Cars 3 Wheelers Books / DVD's Commercial Electric Cars FIA Race Cars Memorabilia etc Military Number Plates Other Parts Projects Toy Cars etc Wedding Cars It had a 1,172 cc (71. FORD PREFECT E93A, E493A, NEW PRIMED READY FOR YOU TO Ford Prefect, Model E93A (1939 to 1948) Prefect, Model E93A Engine 7; Exhaust 39. Aquaplane tuning parts were renowned during the late 1950's and through the 1960's for enhancing the performance of stock manufacture engines, which gained high regard and were uses in many racing motor boats and motor vehicles. Engine Topend Gasket Set (NOS) (specify 8 or 10hp) $60. Engine is the well-known 1172-cc (63. Undoubtedly a seed of an idea of how to increase the power of the Ford E93A engine would have been sown, and the E93A engine fitted in the CSM needed more power. i. FORD E93A BOTTOM ENGINE PULLY N. Distributor Rotor $10. Price: £750. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The Ford E93A The Ford Prefect was first introduced in 1938 and at the time was the first Ford to be designated by a model name. co. Ford Anglia 100E 1959 Ford Anglia 100E Blue; sandblasted, repainted original colour. (Does not fit 100E). Buy it now + EUR 10. Wheelbase is 7 ft 10 in, tyre size 4. or piece together your own custom built engine. Ford Anglia. 7 Jun 2014 The E93A Prefect appeared a year or so before the outbreak of WW2, the Once more, it was propelled by the familiar 10hp side valve engine . Part Number, Brand, Size, Condition, Contents. Show coverphoto. Ford Sidevalve Engine Services. Ford decided to go solo without Navistar, introducing the 6. more. The early engines did not have a water pump as standard, instead relying on thermosiphon cooling as the Model T engine had. We supply New, Genuine, Obsolete Ford Parts for all British and European Fords from the 1930's up to late 1990's. Jan 24, 2020 - Explore Rhett's board "Ford prefect" on Pinterest. Tm. " Th First introduced in the 1957 Thunderbird, Ford's 312 c. ) Prefect E93A Saloon versions offered for the year 1948 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. This is a 1948 Ford E493A Prefect, a car that was the daily driver of many of my friends while growing up in England. Transmission Adapter, Steel, Buick/Oldsmobile, Pontiac Engines, to Chevy TH350/TH400/700R4 Transmissions, Each. Please note this is a POSITIVE EARTH kit for positive earth vehicles. The "E93A" code has two meanings for anyone with an interest in "sit up and beg" era Ford cars of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Ford Prefect Model E93A, 10 HP, has a redesigned front end and some detail modifications, otherwise is much like the preceding Ten Model 7W (1937-38). Distributor Cap $40. The tractor was also fitted with a single acting hydraulic ram for the implement linkage driven by an engine belt driven pump. With a Full Machine Shop - Engine Master Australia can build the engine of your dreams or recondition your old one to keep your numbers matching. Below are two versions of their E93A cylinder heads. See 2 results for Ford Prefect engine for sale at the best prices, with the cheapest car starting from £4,995. 8hp 'narrow block' early model Y, width approx 135mm, cylinder bore 2. A 1950 Ford Prefect E493A in the Heartbeat, TV Series. Ford prefect first registered in July 1955,4-door saloon,1172cc,62000 miles,this car has been lovingly restored over many years and has motors. Power 1. It was introduced in 1938 and remained in production till 1941: returning to the market in 1945, it STOCK COMPONENTS (E93A series only) Windshield Wiper Motor Vacuum (NOS) (Specify model) $100. Its 1. Not only because they increase the performance of your car, but also because they looked so good with their polished aluminium and red paint set against the dark green of the engine block. Ford (europe) Ford Prefect 107E (1959–1961) 65 / 97 Ford Prefect E93A (1938–1949) Send The engine had a very low compression ratio, less than 6:1 which led me to believe that the pistons may have been for a supercharged The trouble is a Ford pre crossflow is much easier to build Electronic Ignition Upgrade for your Classic / Vintage car - early Ford E93A Engine with YE12100B Distributor. Ford capri 2ltr pinto engine block, standard size, ideal for rebuild, see photos cash on collection only from coventry please. My 1957 ELVA Mk. Ended: 06 Oct, 2020 08:07:10 BST. This was soon followed by the 8 hp Anglia, a less well equipped 2 door model based on the same chassis and designated model E04A. 5 PS, 30. Ford 1172cc side valve engine and three speed The Ford Sidevalve Owners Club Home Page - The club for the Ford Anglia E494A, Ford Prefect E93A, Ford Popular 103E, the Ford 100E range, plus many, many more! This is a free and comprehensive report about fsoc. The Pilot succeeded the pre-War 1936-1940 Ford 22, and was replaced by the Ford Zephyr in 1951. New (other) EUR 17. Looking for a Ford Prefect E93a? - There are Ford Prefect E93as for sale right now on Car & Classic Here we have a Ford 100E engine I bought a few years ago for a project that has stalled. Improve your performance, better starting and running, fuel economy from improved spark. wikipedia In 1996 I decided to start my own business dealing with early ford cars and their associated parts, specialising in ford popular s, anglia’s and prefects both 100E and sit up and beg type. price 408. 5mm) and was used by Morgan only in the "F"-type models from 1933 until 1952, when the production of the three-wheelers came to an end. 50-17. A water pump was added in 1953 for the 100E models when the engine was re-engineered to the point that few specifications are identical between the early and the latter series. of. Reasonable offers Contact Tommy Reid, Email: reid. Company,. uk Report K39pp - Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit (Positive Earth) for early Ford E93A Engine with YE12100B Distributor This Powerspark Electronic Ignition Kit is designed to replace the points and condenser inside the YE12100B Distributor used in the early Ford E93A engine. Ford Prefect E93A Saloon (1945-1949) Cars belonging to Ford Prefect E93A Saloon submodel, manufactured or offered in the years 1945-1949 with fastback sedan body type, equipped with engines of 1172 cc (71. l/100km Median price Owners; 1. Circular boss mounting. 00  16 Apr 2007 Advice on E93A Engine timing nicely copiedthe difference between the sidevalve Ford motor and most later commonplace engines  27 Jul 2020 Dellow Motors were founded by Ken Delingpole and Ron Lowe to The Ford E93A engines were mildly tuned and many used twin SU's on a  Ford E93a engine Powerlite UK made High Torque lightweight Starter Motor. 1 hp) of horsepower: Like its siblings, the car became a popular basis for a hot rod especially in Britain where both its lightweight structure and its four cylinder engines appealed to builders.